Friday, June 17, 2011

Just a little update

Sorry I haven't been on blogger lately, I just have been super busy these past couple of days. Just a quick recap on what happen. This week is my niece Stephanie 8th grade promotion and my nephews' girlfriend high school graduation. Congratulations to whom that graduated this year!

Last weekend, me and my family went cherry picking in Leona Valley, CA and it was a blast. The driving was not because there was too much curvy roads up the mountains. I wouldn't mind doing it again but I promise I won't be driving up there no more. Well here is some pictures that was taken. They are not much but its better then nothing. Oh also forgot this is my nails for last week. I haven't done an update on my nails in awhile also.

My nephew trying to help picking the cherries

My nephew and his mom

Last week nails. Orly in Luxe with China Glaze in Black Mesh

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