Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Been awhile!

I know its been ages since I last blogged but lots of things have been happening here lately. I think I'll just sum up what happen for the past few weeks. Ever since, I have went to my job orientation on becoming an at home care taker for my parents things just haven't been so good. Just the process for everything takes too long and about two weeks ago my younger brother got into a car accident. His car is a total damage and have no ride to go to work. But on a good note my 25th Birthday is coming up this Saturday. I can't wait to received my sister gift because all she told me was that there are lots of nail goodies that I would totally love. I know my wording and sentencing don't make much sense right now. My mind is still mind-bobbling so yeah. Here is my recent nails of the day.
 I used flash trying to get a better picture of my nails.


  1. Even with the pic being a bit out of focus I can see how pretty your nails are!! Love the nail art!

  2. Thanks, I really need to get a new camera to take better pictures.